Are you dealing with a midlife midriff and newfound curves that you’d like to compliment and balance out, to feel like a refreshed version of yourself? Are you ready to enter a room feeling like you fully represent the capable and confident woman you are.

Have you considered the role of your bag in this?

Changing body shape at midlife is something that I see in many women in their mid 40s, 50s and beyond…as well as the ensuing feelings of having an outer body experience – of not quite feeling like themselves, or of feeling less visible.

I don’t believe in style rules, of restricting concepts of what you should wear for which fruity body type at a certain age (when most of us are in-between prescriptive body shapes anyway!) But I do have my golden guidelines to help you with your unique body and style, so that you can feel like your best you, rather than an overly ripe pear, or a curvy hourglass!

A really simple golden guideline, is to balance out curves with angles!

This formula works for bags and beyond…If you have a new menopausal or midlife midriff, or have just put on a few unwanted Covid Kilos, consider a handheld, structured bag that isn’t going to add bulk to the torso in the way that a slouchy bag worn over the arm can.

Ladylike structured bags – think Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief, are making a comeback, and are an instant lift to the more casual confinement outfits we’ve wearing of late, not to mention add a hint of powerful femininity for modern working life.

An angular bag immediately adds polish and prestige to your outfit. If you’d benefit from balancing out some of your newfound curves, then boxy bags and tailoring are your new best friends.

Simply put, the puffier or slouchier the bag, the more volume it will add, whereas more clean and simple structured shapes will counter the curves. Conversely of course, if you want to add voluptuous volume, a slouchy suede half moon bag is perfect!

If you find it more practical to have a bag that hangs from your shoulder then consider the length of the drop, and where the bag rests against your body. If you’re short for example, a bag that lands too long (below your hip for instance,) is going to make you look shorter.

If your bag lands on your hip, or under your arm at your waist, it can be extra flattering to have it in a contrasting colour to your outfit, so that it doesn’t look like a weird extension of your body if you squint or have simply forgotten your spectacles!

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With love from Aleksandra