Welcome to my new series ASK ALEKSANDRA!

I’ll be making weekly videos with the answers to questions you send me!


This week some of you have been asking about skin-care after 40…

If you’re anything like me, my skin can feel papery and dry, no matter how much water I drink (though I’m sure that my evening glasses of Saint-Estèphe aren’t helping.) I’m no dermatologist, but am sharing my personal morning routine here. It’s taken me a while to get this far with a skin-care regime, and now I do it with intention – spending the time to massage in the products and breath in the orange blossom fragrance (less so the C E Ferulic acid!) as a morning style and self care ritual.

Because style is self care!

Here are the details:
Thalgo Beautifying Tonic Lotion, Environ low foam cleansing gel
Serum spray from Les Bains De Grenelle, Paris
Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Acid
Lou The Skin Nurse
Universal Emulsion from Lixirskin
Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection spf45
Bioderma Micellaire water, Nivea soft

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Lots of Love, xoxo Aleksandra