As we hit mid-life and beyond it’s not uncommon for our homes to be out of step with who we are and what we need and want from our homes. It’s a great time to take a step back and rethink how your home helps support the person you are today.

I have six fab tips for you to work through to refresh your home and bring it up to date with who you are now, so that it lifts you up instead of dragging you down.

Is your home looking tired and in need of an update?

 Have you gone through a divorce or life transition such as menopause, empty nest or hitting 40, 

or has your life simply become all about your career, and haven’t had time to make your pad feel like a comfortable, warm home that reflects the new, next level you? 

If you’re just too busy with your career to give love and attention to your home, and it feels functional but not fabulous, 

you are doing yourself a disservice,

because your home can uplift and support you, 

and help you to feel more confident, calm and grounded – and all round happier in yourself. 

If this is you, then watch this video because I’m going to show you six simple steps to simply and easily feel inspired,

and ready to refresh and restyle your home!

And if you’re ready for a purge before you restyle, 

in the notes, I’ve popped the link to my free guide 

‘How to de-clutter your mind, life and wardrobe, to move into your next chapter ‘

Stay tuned to the end to find a surprising fact, that will keep your mind at rest as you restyle. 


Are you ready for a fresh start with your home! 

Does your home feel sterile,

 or look like a time-warp, 

filled with bits and pieces and memories of the past, instead of representing you as you are now, or your fabulous next level you?

 If you’re wondering how to update your home so that it looks and feels like a put together representation of you, 

your style and values, 

if you look at home decor magazines and social media, and feel they all look a bit staged and impersonal, 

and desire a gorgeous, comfortable and well put together home, that makes you feel amazing and that suits YOU, then this is the video for you.

By the end of this video, you’ll have lots of inspiration, and applicable practical advice to restyle your home to represent your next level you.

1. Step One – Cluster 

According to Neuroscientists, the human brain evolved to see clusters of objects 

Instead of having bits and pieces scattered everywhere – 

group them together so it feels more harmonious and streamlined. 

Groups of three are particularly soothing to the eye – three storage boxes in a row, three pictures together on a wall, three bowls or vases together on a shelf. 

Consider a triangle – for anyone that does yoga you’ll know what a powerful, strong, stable shape that is structurally speaking, and it’s also pleasing to the human eye. 

Place objects together that echo a triangle…

So one taller object (or a few taller objects) positioned together with two smaller objects (or two groups of smaller objects) either side would be perfect! 

2. Step Two – Something old and something new

In my Next Level You method, 

we work with reassociating beliefs with your stuff, 

so that the things you surround yourself with have positive meanings, and are a physical manifestation of your fantastic next level you 

– of how you want to look and feel in your next phase in life.

It’s great to be surrounded by positivity!

After a life change such as divorce,


or turning a certain age,  

it can be tempting to throw everything away and start afresh, 

but what you don’t want to do is to end up with a sterile home with no character. 

So go through your stuff, and keep what you like aesthetically, 

and what makes you happy 

– what feels good, 

what creates positive emotions and memories when you see it or use it. 

It always looks great in a home, when the old and the new are combined 

– placed next to each other – grouped together.

Telling your story through style

 It suggests your heritage and feels more homey. 

For example, I have a cushion that my grandmother hand embroidered,

 and it’s next to a silky zig zag one from Missoni. 

Mixing the old with a dash of new,

 is a great way to stay elegant and relevant in your home, and also your wardrobe! 

When you go to choose new things for your home, think about how you want to feel in your home first

This is especially important if you’re single or the kids have left home 

– it’s time to redefine your home for YOU!

Come up with a couple of key words that best describe the vibe  

– for example welcoming and elegant, 

or minimalist but warm, 

feminine and friendly, 

sexy and calm…

And then find objects, colours and textures that represent those words and feelings 

3. Step 3 – Consider how you live

So many stores and magazines present gorgeous schemes, 

that are lovely to look at, 

but don’t hold up in the way we really live. 

If you’re anything like me, for example, 

I’ve got cables everywhere, 

and chargers and adaptors for a million things

 – and you never see those in pictures! 

I should know, I’ve worked on those sorts of magazine spreads! 

I love looking at interiors magazines and instagram for inspiration 

– but it’s important to address your lifestyle when you’re restyling. 

Don’t try and rush a restyle.

FIRST, actively consider how you use different areas of your home.

 For example, 

do you often read on the sofa and find that your coffee table becomes a dumping ground for magazines and books, 

or the work that you’ve brought home to work on after hours ends up hogging all the space?

Look for practical AND stylish solutions

For example. Look for a coffee table with inbuilt storage, or have a nearby box, basket or magazine rack, that you frequently edit. 


Are you really busy at work, 

so you don’t have time to be dealing with shiny surfaces, that leave a mark every time you put a glass down?

And you don’t want to be faffing around with coasters (that make guests feel on edge rather than at ease)

It’s chic to consider the practicalities of how you live as that is how you’re going to lose the micro anxieties and maximise the good vibes and yumminess of your home 


Are you someone that’s always losing your keys, and ends up dumping the contents of your pockets on the kitchen counter top? 

Find a vide poche tray that you like, and put your keys and coins in there 

– you’ll know exactly where they are,  it’ll feel more purposeful and avoid cluttering up the counter top

Are you like me, with allergies and stuffy sinuses, 

so I like to have tissues at hand!

 – therefore I’m always on the lookout for attractive tissue box covers, and have a wastepaper basket in every room! 

Are you clumsy? 

Maybe a white sofa or cream carpet isn’t the best idea 

– a dark leather one, softened up by a cosy blanket over one end may be better, 

and consider heavier ceramics rather than anything that might easily smash

Are you having hot flushes or night sweats 

– hot one minute cold the next? 

Consider linen bed sheets instead of cotton, and avoid overly fluffy cushions 

Do you eat at a table, or in front of the tv? Etc etc

By finding stylish solutions to the practicalities of your lifestyle, 

it’s going to reduce your micro anxieties, and will make your home feel better. 

At the end of the day, it’s about making your life easier, 

as well as more stylish! 


4. Number four – Embrace Imperfection

Schemes in magazines can look amazing, 

but can feel impersonal and sterile 

– like you’ve walked into a store and bought a set…

So my tip is to include an ugly or surprising element that will make you smile and feel more at home 

– it’s also an easy taking point or  ice breaker if you have a new beau over!! 

(There’s nothing more boring and soulless than something too tasteful and too done)

It could be something you already have – a funny bowl in the shape of a cactus or aubergine for example, 

or a framed photograph of yourself with your friends or family goofing about in fancy dress,

or a vase that you inherited from your grandmother,

that’s got one too many colours and swirls in it! 

Yes I have one like that – it reminds me of her every time I see it, and does raise a few eyebrows – it’s quite bold! 

5. Number five – Represent You

Sometimes as we get older, we can easily slip into living a one dimensional life, 

where we slip into the role of wife or mother or business woman for example, 

and forget to nurture our other facets! 

And that’s something I work with my clients on – exploring and redefining themselves in all their dimensions! 

Likewise, you don’t have to only express one side of you in your home…

start making a list of all your dimensions, and all your passions, 

and consider how your belongings represent them. 

For example, 

are you a Jimi Hendrix loving mother of 3 children who loves gardening,

 and secretly enjoys dancing when nobody’s looking? 

Do you have a great (if demanding) job, and love to read biographies of historical figures in your down time, and also have a soft spot for Matthew Mcconaughey movies, and enjoy going to the ballet? 

Maybe you’re a bad ass negotiator in the boardroom, and are no ecologist, but have a soft spot for the plight of the bees,  love elephants and horses, and are always thinking about your next get-away? 

What represents you?

6. Number six – Find your Anchor pieces

You’ll also want to find a few key pieces for your home that represent you,  and those key words that you established earlier about your inner style,

 and how you’d like to feel in your home

These Anchor pieces are generally bigger pieces  

–  they can be functional but they also represent you, 

and are pieces that anchor or ground your scheme. 

For example 

A chandelier or some impact lighting – a statement lamp

Your sofa and the cushions

Your bed treatment – the headboard and linen and cushions and all of that 

A statement painting, piece of art or mirror 

They’re pieces that can make a huge impact and help guide you when choosing smaller details later. 

As you can see, it’s my mission to help you to have a more stylish, happy and fulfilled life, in and out of the home…

and to keep your mind at ease during a restyle, 

make sure you try and enjoy the process. 

Don’t overthink it, and trust your gut. 

I’m not into strict style rules, I’m into helping clients to look and feel amazing, from the inside out. 

Use the same tips to guide you, from your home to your wardrobe, 

and if you want to know how to lose the over-rated fashion rules, 

and thrive at forty and beyond, 

From someone who worked in the industry for over 25 years

check out my next video. 

Lots of love xoxo Aleksandra