I’ve always admired the way that food is set out in Parisian markets. Rounded guys with big hands gently fondling fruit, and creating pyramids of pommes, trails of tomatoes and ravines of radicchio…

Like flowers, fruit and veg can be used around the home to create a feeling of freshness and life, abundance and vitality, both on the dining table and beyond – even if it’s just for some little afternoon nibbles for one – walnuts and cornichon anyone?

Decadent displays of produce remind me of old Vanitas paintings, with their moody bunches of white asparagus and sensual gleaming pomegranates. Designed in the 17th century to remind the viewer of their own mortality, and the worthlessness of worldly possessions, in a time of Frankenstein food, and relaxed health and safety guidelines regarding food safety today, it seems the perfect moment to re-appreciate the simplicity of the fresh goodness that we have.


I’m often in awe at what beauty nature produces – voluptuous beef tomatoes the size of a brain, characterful figs that look like they’re dancing, otherworld artichokes and the glossiest black cherries that would make the perfect nail polish colour.

If you don’t have access to such aesthetically pleasing (not to mention delicious) foods finds, then repetition offers a strikingly simple style solution. Create a feeling of abundance in your home – remember like attracts like – with bowls of tangerines, oranges or lemons.

I love creating small changeable vignettes around my home, it’s strangely meditative (perfect for this time of working at home,) and always fun to use what you already have in the mix…Isn’t it charming how the amethyst crystals and natural shells give a textural sparkle and shine, and spot the hidden pearl jewellery twinkling through for a personal touch!


1. Mix fruit and veg in the same colour family (purples for example) for an easy harmonious feel.
2. Repetition is your friend – choose one fruit or veg, and fill vessels plentifully so that a feeling of abundance is created.
3. Don’t be afraid to mix in unexpected objects such as jewellery or crystals so that your unique style shines through.

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ps. I don’t like food going to waste, so in style-whisper, we don’t add syrup or glue or other styling tricks to make food look more perfect. This way we can eat it afterwards.
This warm endive salad was delicious!

Goats cheese
Maldon salt flakes and pink Himalayan salt
Olive oil

Dry roast walnuts on mid heat pan until you can smell the oils releasing and they appear gently toasted
Keeping the pan on the heat, add a tablespoon or so of olive oil
Chop endives in half and place in pan and sprinkle with pink salt – cook for 1-2 mins and turn over for another 1-2 mins until tips are browned
Add a squeeze of lemon juice before removing endives from heat
Plate endives, and grate lemon zest over them, add slices of goats cheese and figs, crumble over the toasted walnuts, and an extra sprinkle of malden salt and small drizzle olive oil.

Don’t worry if you don’t have different salts, use what you have. Blue cheese could also be great, though I prefer goats cheese as it agrees with me better at this phase in life, and tend to always have some in my fridge. I’d definitely add more crushed toasted walnuts and lemon zest next time, and didn’t feel the figs added much, but try things to your taste! Let me know how you get on!